Big Boobs & Rubber Boots


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Joyce is hopping happily with her turquoise Hunter rubber boots in this incredible even mud hole. That’s what rubber boots are made for. It reminds Joyce to her childhood and she is feeling warm and wonderful all over  …

She knees down into the even mud and plays a bit with it. The mud is warm and soft and feels good. Soon her sexy short dress is also muddy. But Joyce likes it. She sits down and spreads the mud with great relish onto her skin and dress. She rolls around in it playfully and then crawls to a deeper mud hole …

Soon she is standing up to her knees in the mud and rubs it slowly and caressing all over her body. She takes off her dress and massages her firm big breasts with the soft mud. Deeper she submerges into the mud and rolls around in it with great pleasure. Also her hair is now completely muddy.

Then she completely dives down into the mud, face first and submerges completely …

In the end she slowly steps out of the mud hole again, admires her soaking muddy dress and clean herself in a nearby small lake … (16:00 min)

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