Muddy Jeans Overall


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Jana is stuck in the mud. Before she knew it, the mud tightly enclosed her great beige Buffalo boots. She never thought, this would happen, when she started to carefully explore this mud hole. But the mud is viscous and gluey and won’t let her go. Now she can hardly move and the mud reaches high up to her thighs. She is struggling and fighting to rescue at least one leg. Her beautiful new jeans overall is already covered in mud. She feels warm and exhausted.

But the mud doesn’t feel that bad after all. It is warm and soft; slowly it creeps through her jeans overall everywhere and and softly tickles her. She starts rubbing the mud further on her clothes. That feels good. The rolls around and wallow in the mud. It makes her feel excited, her heart beats faster. She wants to feel the mud all over her skin and she opens her overall and joyfully crèmes it on her naked breats. The mud arouses her and she has no other chance then giving in and she gets overwhelmed … (17:00 min)

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