Riding girl turned on by mud


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During a joyful ride this morning through the moorland countryside, Michaela found an interesting spot in the more secluded and beautiful scenery of the moor. Still in her riding outfit Michaela gets back here and takes a closer look at this clearing. In her knee high rubber riding boots and her sexy tight blue jodhpurs she walks towards a wide circle of earth. As she comes closer to the center her feet are leaving prints in firm earth and the further she steps, the deeper the prints become … Michaela stops and looks around. She is completely alone  and what she thought was solid earth is quite muddy now, and squishes up to the bottom of her ankles.
Curiously Michaela touches the mud with her hands, takes some and rubs it on her riding breeches and her blue polo shirt. She wears no underwear, as this makes her uncomfortable when she rides and so she can feel the dampness of the mud on her skin. But it feels warm and soft and good. A new sensation grows within her. Pleasure. Michaela kneels down into the mud and starts playing with it. The mud begins to turn her on. Finally she lies down and rubbing the mud further on her clothes makes her nipples become hard. She takes off her shirt and her muddy hand slips into her tight jodhpurs. Michaela is overcome with the pleasure she is experiencing from this fantastic mud … (18:20 min)

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