Cool down in the shower


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After a hot walk outside Veronika needs a cool down. She steps fully clothed under the shower and turns on the water. Most important are her feet. They are killing her after all the walking in her new white sneakers. She soaks them in cold water to cool them down and soothe the pain. She can feel the water running between her toes in her white socks in the sneakers. Then Veronika moves on to shower her leggings. When getting wet, it becomes all shiny and see-through. And the same happens to her long-sleeved white shirt.

Veronika really enjoys her shower and also flirts with the camera. She lifts her pants a bit to focus the shower stream to her naked pussy. She likes it wet!

She keeps showering, also her blue sweater and little waterfalls run out of the hoodie when she starts wetting her hair.

When she is cooled down a bit, she turns the water to warm and sits down. Veronika takes off the blue hoodie and the new white sneakers and relaxes. It is so much nicer now with the warm water pouring down on her, wearing only her white socks, the white top and the leggings. She keeps teasing us with pulling down her leggings to also wet her pussy all the time and also with rubbing her firm tits.

Now she is using soap all over her clothes and her feet get a special treatment! She soaps her white socks and massages her feet for a while before she finally takes off her leggings and at the end also her shirt …  :-)


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