Sexy Wetlook Sisters


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These gorgeous blonde girls are actually sisters! And for the little sister Eva it’s her first time getting naked in front of a camera!

Michaela always liked wet outfits and it’s a sensual pleasure for her to bath with clothes on. Today she is wearing a sexy black skirt and high-heels and introduces her little sister Eva with this new lust of getting wet her jeans and white top. Both girls are sitting at the top step of the pool and play with the water and sprays it on each other. Eva gives little shrieks of pleasure and Michaela smiles knowingly. Then Michaela pulls her little sister slowly deeper into the water. They get more and more wet and Eva enjoys it so much!

In-between the sisters step out of the pool and Michaela shows her sister, how very sexy and erotic wet clothes are. In the pool the keep getting wet each other by spraying water on themselves and swim a bit. The sisters really love the feeling of the wet clothes like a second skin and how stimulating this is. Only her lingerie keeps them from getting the full experience. So they slowly take off her clothes and her lingerie, just to fully enjoy the feeling of the wet clothes directly on their naked skin … !!! (18:15 min)

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