Dripping Wet Latina


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This is Karen, the busty next door Latina who enjoyed alot to get wet for us :-) She wears a grey skirt, high heels, purse and a blue long-sleeved top above her big & soft all natural boobs withou a bra. First Karen starts to soak her clothes with the shower to feel the wet and shiny fabric on her skin! She does this for a while before she realizes it makes her horny so she used the powerful waterstream of the showerhead to pleasure herself.

“Oh that feels so good!”, her clitoris is screaming for something stronger….. what a luck that she has her handbag with her. And like most naughty girls she has an exciting toy in there. Karen sits down in the shower, spreads her legs widely and use that strong vibrator & the powerful showerhead massage together while the water is still dripping from above on her wet clothes…..

Note: She isn’t the typically size zero model girl that we usually shoot with for our sites, but we thought it would be great to have such a passionful all natural Latina joining our site. (11:45 min)

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