Cop & Robber


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Sexy police officer Michaela is chasing the suspect Jana through the rough back-country. Finally on the edge of a big mud hole Michaela can stop and handcuff her. To punish her for the wild chase Michaela takes her whip out of her great black overknee boots and beats Jana on her back and pulls her hair. Then she forces Jana to kneel down and crawl into the mud hole with her white overknee boots, hot pants and white top …

The mud is gluey and viscous but Jana manages to crawl away from Michaela. She needs to follow her, but she gets stuck in the mud completely. Jana is fighting hard to get out and finally she manages to free herself from her handcuffs and from the mud. Back on the solid ground she turns the tables and now dominates the police officer. She takes her whip, beats her and throws more mud on her. Now Michaela is suffering  the humiliation to be laughed at.

But Michaela is really bad stuck and can’t help herself, so after a while she begs Jana for help. Jana arouses the helplessness and devotion. She helps her, but not without touching her all over her body. She caress her breasts and her hands wander demandingly deeper down and Michaela can’t fight it. Jana forces Michaela to an ecstatically climax and she surrenders her fates full of relish.

But then Michaela is paying back …!!! (17:30 min)

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