Sexy Mudbath Stuck


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Nikki was so fascinated from her last sexy mud experience, that today she needs to have this again! She only wears her a sheer black top, pink panties with a pink garter belt, classic Cuban stockings and high-heels. She just found another mud hole and really looks forward to her new dirty adventure. After checking that nobody is around, she slowly rubs the mud on her skin. And it feels so good! She takes a small step into the mud hole and knees in it, spreading the warm mud all over her body. Nikki is so excited that her whole body is trembling!

Standing now waist-deep in the mud she takes off her top and massages the mud on her breasts. Hhhhmm, that’s good. But then she finds out: she stuck there! Damn! What happened? Still waist-deep in there and topless, she starts struggling to get out there! But the mud seems to soak her in and she is really getting desperate. She wants to cry for help, but then she realizes she is almost naked! That is so embarrassing! She needs to get out there … (14:45 min)

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