Getting Wet for You


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“Come closer. I want us to have a good time together” … Sophia smiles and invites you to come watch her shower – fully clothed first. She steps into the bathtub and turns on the hand shower. Slowly she starts wetting her nice white sneakers and then teasingly moves on to her black lululemon leggings. Her ass just looks fabulous in these pants and wait until you see it getting wet and shiny :)

Slowly she keeps spraying water all over her body and clothes and the light grey top turns dark grey and gets even tighter to her body. Sophia then starts massaging her full clothed body with soap – the black pants get even more shiny and you can see through the grey top that her boobs like the massage as well.

This wet massage really turns her on and she starts rubbing her pussy harder through the pants. And after a while her hands slip in the pants and under her shirt and she gets more and more passionate …


black tight lululemon leggings, grey top and sport shoes …. Original sound, no music, different camera angles