Wet High Heeled Catfight


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“Damn, why do I have to share my room with the boss’ cocky secretary on our business trip? She always gives me a hard time just because my boss thinks I am attractive.” Casey thinks. However she is in a hurry to make it to her appointment with her boss so therefore she wants to dress as sexy as possible.

While dressing up suddenly she makes the mistake to step on her coworkers new high heels. “You bitch, you stepped on my new Louboutins !” she shouts at her. But Casey sees the situation completely different. “Get over it, that’s not a big deal. They are just shoes”. Just shoes? Well this was the wrong answer to a person who really couldn’t stand her too. Suddenly a wild fight starts. Casey tries to defend herself with all she got, but after a few minutes she finds herself laying on the ground with this cruel but hot looking Asian woman sitting on her, pulling Caseys hair down so that she can’t move.

“Get off of me” Casey begs with tears in her eyes. But this is not going to happen. The devilish smile in the secretary’s face doesn’t mean anything good. “Don’t fight me! This is what you get if you mess with me. I’m gonna punish you now” she says to the helpless Casey. This is all about the shoes, so therefore her evil coworker is rubbing her Louboutin High Heels on Caseys panty now. “Clean it with your crotch” this dominant Asian women shouts to her!

She is so helpless against her! Casey still tries to fight back but her opponent is much stronger than her and playing with her like a cat with a mouse. “Shine my shoes with your crotch you bitch! I know you like this. It’s getting more moist down there, isn’t it?” the dominant Asian says. Then she quickly grabs Caseys hair and pulls her to her shoes “Kiss my shoes!” she shouts while pushing down Caseys head to the Louboutins to kiss them and then to pull her out of the bedroom…

With a scared voice Casey asks when she gets pushed under the shower “What are you doing?” “I’m gonna get you all wet” is the answer while she switches on the shower and the ice cold water hits Caseys face. “Opsy” the Asian secretary answers with a devilish smile. She is obvious enjoying the special treatment she gives to her annoying coworker.

Caseys nice outfit gets drenched in the water now. “You’re messing up my makeup” she complains. “Hahahaha, now you can’t even go to your meeting!” she answers while stepping on Caseys wet heels now. “Your pretty leather shoes are now all wet and dirty. I going to teach you a lesson you little girl” she says while ripping down Caseys panty and open her blouse. “Look at this” she says while she is showing a vibrator to Casey. “Do you like it?” Casey replies with a desperate voice “No.” “Well then I am gonna make you like it” the Asian beauty tells her.

Now she is using the vibrator on the completely drenched & wet Casey under the shower while still stepping on her shoes the whole time. “Spread those legs you bitch !!!” she says to the twitching and dripping wet Casey. “I’m gonna force you to come bitch!”…. “No, not with that. You are not” Casey self-confidently answers. She feels horny right now, but Casey hates the idea of getting an orgasm from this woman. Therefore she tries all she can do not to let this happen. But you don’t mess with this experienced woman. “Well then I have got something stronger!” wasn’t what Casey likes to hear.

So again the poor Casey is pulled back to the bedroom. Completely drenched she is lying on the ground now. “Oh no” she thinks when the Asian devil showed up with a Hitachi Magic Wand. Casey have heard they are super strong vibrators. However, she still doesn’t like to come. Not this way!

But all this doesn’t help her when the ultra-strong vibrator touches her pussy. Her wet outfit is slowly drying but Casey gets super wet now. “I’m gonna make you come so hard!”….. Watch the video to see if Casey is able to withstand the erotic games of her sexy Asian coworker !!!

Note: This video was filmed in cooperation with our very good friends from “High Heeled Catfights”. So this is different to our regular wetlook videos. It contains only some wetlook, the focus here is mainly on the catfight and the wet designer heels. However, this is still one of our personal favorites. This video is so freaking hot !!!

expensive designer shoes (Louboutin), stockings, wetlook, catfight & hair pulling,…. Original sound, no music, xxx


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