Wet School Girl


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Dakota is a real cutie and it’s her first time with clothes in the shower. She wears a skirt, blue crop top, white socks and grey sneakers. She starts slowly wetting her socks and sneakers and then moves upwards. Dakota loves how shiny her bright colored skirt gets when wet. And also her light blue crop top changes color and gets dark and shiny. To make it even more shiny and glossy she uses shower gel all over her body and clothes. Dakota really enjoys it! The wet warm clothes on her skin feel so damn good!

And her small perky boobs get so sensitive from all the hot water and just scream for attention. Massaging them feels good right now! What feels even better, is the water from the shower head massaging her pussy. Dakota starts moaning. This feels so good …. And it gets better!!! :)

Original sound, no music, no slow-motions