Wet Jeans Masturbation 2


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Just like we imagined Venus emerging from the water, today Isobel is submerging. Pure seduction! Slowly tantalizing movements, her red flowing mane and this meaningful smile, packed in a bit modern style though: with jeans, a thin grey long-sleeved sweatshirt and sneakers.

Isobel enjoys it feeling her sneakers and socks filling soaking und filling with water. Her jeans changes to a darker blue, when getting wet. And meanwhile Isobel is flirting and teasing with the camera.

She sits down on the first step in the pool and full of pleasure soaks in the water into her clothes until her jeans is all dark and dripping and shiny. Then she steps deeper and soon also her grey shirt gets wet and dark. Isobels nipples gets hard. She is turned on!

Isobel swims and dives a lot, acoompanied by lots of beautiful underwater scenes! In between she often comes out of the pool to admire her wet and dripping clothes. And then – while diving – she discovers a nice surprise at the bottom of the pool: a vibrator!

Yes, that’s it! That’s exactly what Isobel desires right now! She lounges at the steps of the pool, she pushes up her shirt and starts massaging her soft aroused breasts. Half floating in the water she massages her pubis with the vibrator through the jeans. She breaths harder.

Eagerly she opens her jeans to better feel her new toy. Then she submerges deeper into the water again to feel all the wetness in and around her.

Getting more and more aroused she pulls down her jeans to her thighs and plays around with her new toy everywhere. Isobels moans with pleasure, louder and louder …(18:20 min)

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