Wet & Sweaty


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Isobel just finished a really long and hard workout and is all sweaty. Even her socks and shoes. She really feels she needs a shower and her sports outfit some washing. So, she just steps –still fully clothed- under the shower and turns it on.

She shrieks a bit first, because the water is still cold, but then laughs. This is what’s she wants! A nice cool down. Water runs over her long hair and her sports top and pants, which all gets dark and shiny. Then Isobel washes her long hair as well.

And since her shampoo smells that good, she also starts shampooing her orange top as well. And she looks damn sexy with all the shiny soap and bubbles on her boobs! But she doesn’t stop with the top, her shoes and feet are a bit smelly and needs some thorough washing as well. She takes her sneakers off and soaps her white socks.

Isobel really enjoys her shower after her long workout which made her quite horny. “I love the way these pants feel all wet”. So, she uses the shower head to get her pants even wetter. But, oopsie, not only her pants get wet now. It feels really good to massage her most sensitive spot with the shower head.

She starts moaning with pleasure, purring like a kitten. That really turns her on!

But after a while per pussy screams for something stronger and harder than the soft touch of the water! Isobel sits at the edge of the bathtub now, using her magic wand! :-) And it really does magic. She massages her wet clitoris more and more, rolling her eyes and moaning louder … until the finale … but watch for yourself! :-)

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