Riding girl turned on in pool


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After a stimulating ride Lizzie needs a cool down. She sits down at the edge of the pool and sprays herself with water. Then Lizzie playfully wets her riding outfit, too. She kneels down deeper into the pool and starts slowly to fill her rubber riding boots with water. She also wets her beautiful blue jodhpurs and steps out of the pool again to admire the dripping wet result. Lizzie loves it and now steps even deeper into the pool to get her blue polo shirt wet. Finally its completely soaking, shiny and transparent. This girl really enjoys this so much and she pleases herself in the pool. She swims and dives a lot. Her top keeps slipping high over her breasts. Finally Lizzie lies down on the first step of the pool and relax completely. She rubs her beautifull big and firm boobs and her hand slides in the now open riding breeches … (14:00 min)

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