Wetlook Girlfriend


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“Hey Baby, come here. I wanna show you something that I think you are gonna like!” Dakota sits on the edge of the bathtub and wears nice black leather pants, a snake print top and matching heels. She looks teasingly, but yet so innocent into the camera. “I put on a sexy outfit for you and I am gonna get wet for you!”

Dakota steps into the bathtub and starts showering her sexy heels and then slowly moves up her legs to wet the tight leather pants. When she sprays the pants up to her waist, she says “I feel the hot water running down my legs …”

Then she moves up to her top and it feels so good for her to get all warm and wet and feel the top cling tight to her body. Ashley starts massaging her body with soap and this makes the outfit even more shiny and brilliant. And all the massaging gets her really excited as well!!! She thinks about how happy you will be after the video and what you two will do together then … :)

“I get so turned on by thinking how much you are turned on by now!” Dakota pulls up her shirt and shows us her hard nipples. And she slowly unbuttons her pants and starts rubbing on soap thoroughly :)

And then she brings her waterproof toy into the play and so it begins … in the end, I guess, Dakota has maybe even more fun than you???? :)


black tight (fake) leather pants, top and heels …. Original sound, no music