Wet Boots & Stockings


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Veronika comes home from a girls night out. She is still wearing her black mini skirt, the glittering white top, black stockings with garter belt and black leather boots. She looks so hot! And though the evening with her girls was fun, she is pretty horny once she is home.

So Veronika takes a very sensual shower. She wants to feel her clothes getting drenched, feel them hot and wet on her skin. She slowly works her way up with the shower head from the boots to her white top. Everything gets shiny and the white top is getting completely see-through. Veronika really needs to get soaked like this. She feels the water running warm over her head, through her hair and into every intimate space of her body.

After a while she starts taking off her clothes. First the black boots and then the white top. Her nipples are hard and excited. Then she also takes off the skirt. Now only dressed with the garter belt and the stockings, Veronika sits down in the shower, spreads her legs to sensual wash and massage her feet. In the end she also takes off her stockings.

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