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Oh, oh, You’re in trouble!
When you come home, you find Isobel wearing a tight jeans and a grey top in the shower waiting for you. She did some internet research on your computer. Oh boy, this snoopy girl checked your browser cache and found all the topics you were looking for. How embarrassing!!!

“I noticed that there is a very particular theme in your porn videos.” she says while switching on the shower! “I thought why should I let all those women in your porn videos have all the fun when I could be doing this.” Well, Isobel found all your Wetlook videos, but instead of being angry about you, she has a pleasant surprise for you :-)

First she makes her shoes wet before she starts to drench her tight jeans. The water is dripping down her long legs and changes the color of her blue jeans. “Is this what you like and you have been watching late at night?” Isobel asks. “I wonder if you have been waiting and wishing that I find it?”

Now her jeans is completely drenched. The reflection of the sparkling water dripping down her tight jeans on her wet legs looks amazing. Also now she starts to soak the grey top she wears without a bra! While her nipples start to get wet, she asks “Are you horney?” with a sexy smile :-)

“The women I saw in your videos, they were wet all over!” Isobel says while getting her long hair wet (nice close-ups!).
“All wet now, everywhere ;-)” she smiles while switching the shower head to a strong massage water jet…. Isobel will make sure that you both have an amazing day !!! ;-)
Note: This is what most of us are dreaming about! Enjoy this super hot and exciting video :-)

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