Wetlook Touchdown


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Marketa is a big fan of American Football. She just watched a game in her cute Football outfit. To watch the big strong guys fighting in the game, turned her really on.

Now she needs to cool down a bit and dreamily she starts playing with the water …

She sits down on the top step in the pool and slowly dunks her sneakers into the water. Since she is wearing no socks, she directly feels the wet cool down between her toes. Also her nice legwarmer slowly soaks in the water …

Then Marketa starts wetting her football shirt. She just wishes, she were not alone here in the pool. She steps further into the water until also her jeans hotpants gets soaking wet. She plays a bit with the pool floatie and swims.

But the cool water, that flows caressing all around her, can’t distract her from her hot-blooded passionate thoughts. She caress her naked, firm and full breasts and let her feelings overtake her.

Then she opens the zipper of her hot pants and starts to caress herself here, too … (15:00 min)

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