See through Temptation


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Be careful: this video is HOT!!! Beautiful busty Lizzie is lounging at the pool and she is in this dangerous sexy mood. She is playing and teasing herself with the water. Lizzie sits down on the first step in the pool and playfully wets first her jeans bottom and then slowly and with relish her top. Soon the white top gets see through and it exposes her cute white bra. Lizzie takes such a sensual delight of wetting her clothes and from time to time she steps out of the pool to admire the wet and dripping look.

Then she slowly takes off her jeans vest, then the white blouse and bra. Lizzie wants to feel the wet clothes directly on her skin and plays around with her white blouse over her big breasts. Finally she takes off her jeans. Her white slip is also completely see through and she can`t hold back any longer and indulges in her water fantasies. Her hands – massaging her huge breasts – moves slowly south …(15:10 min)

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