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Just when Isobel got home from her work at the architect’s office, her boss called because their number one client suddenly wants to add a designer pool to his newest hotel. Therefore, he wants to hear creative ideas from Isobel in their meeting tomorrow. “So please try to get some inspiration online” her boss asks her

Sitting inside in front of her computer to do some internet research about pool designs? Too bad! It’s such nice weather today, so why not do this outside at the patio? At least there she can enjoy the fresh air a bit.

While Isobel is looking for nice pool pictures in the internet, she finds some images of girls wearing jeans in the pool. “Hmmm, what the heck is this? Let’s have a closer look on this website…. Uhhh, look how sheer their clothes get when they get wet…. somehow that looks exciting.” But just by watching this Isobel did feel a bit aroused. “Should I try this in my own pool? Really ? Why not?”

So she slowly starts to step with her shoes in the pool. “Hope I won’t ruin them” she said. After a while Isobel walks deeper into the water and starts to swim and dive. Fully clothed, the wet pants feel amazing on her skin. Somehow, it is weird, because the longer she is doing this the more aroused she gets. Isobel isn’t thinking about her work any longer, she can’t concentrate on that right now. Well, luckily she has stored some nice toys close to her pool…. no, we’re not talking about floaties, way more fun toys :-)

Now Isobel get’s more and more horny. First she puts a waterproof vibrator under the pants inside her dripping wet pussy. “Oh, that feels amazing” and then she uses an extremely strong vibrator on her wet pants to massage her clitoris to receive multiple orgasms …

Note: I have never seen a female ejaculate like this. This is such a hot video:– amazing !!! :-)

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