Sexy ‘Stay At Home Shower’


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During the “lockdown” I chatted with my cute friend Tiffany. Just for fun I asked her if she would like to film herself in the shower for me, because we all can’t leave the house right now…. luckily she loved the idea… so this is the story behind the video. Tiffany filmed this all by herself, so it is a complete amateur video, straight out of the camera, no music, no slow motions (I only did some editing). I am really happy about the outcome and I am sure you will be, too.

Since gyms have been closed for quite a long time, Tiffany just finished one of her home workouts. But she feels tight and stressed, so she really needs to relax in the shower. Wanna join?

She wears tight shiny Yoga pants, a white crop top, sneakers and socks. And even this video doesn’t contain full nudity, Tiffany is so freaking cute and sexy, you will love it! She knows exactly how to turn me on and she is flirting with the camera all the time … And I am happy to share this video with you now. Enjoy!

Note: This video contains no full nudity!

Original sound, no music, no slow-motions