Kiss Me, I’m Irish


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As you know: Tilly is Irish!!! No kidding! She is! :-) Here she comes home from one of her favorite parties of the year: St. Patricks Day! :-D

She had a blast and danced all night. Now, she is a bit tipsy, feels too hot and her feet hurt. She stumbles into the shower and turns on the water.

With the shower head she first cools off her chucks. And she is chuckling. This is fun! So, she keeps on browsing. The light grey chucks turn dark as well as the blue jeans when they get wet. Tilly really enjoys to watch her jeans getting wet! :-)

Slowly she also wets her grey shirt while she is still a bit dancing under the shower. But her feet still hurt, so she takes off her shoes and browses her feet in the white socks. And what a surprise: the socks get see through :-)

Today Tilly got so many kisses! “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” works pretty good, especially if you are a hot chick (it doesn’t hurt to be Irish as well but is not really necessary) ;-) The booze, the kisses, the dances that all got her so worked up and excited. Now her built up deliciously stirring emotions are screaming for a release! She lustfully opens her jeans. When the water beam hits her already completely wet pussy, she shrieks a bit. Yes! That’s what she needs now! She massages her breasts with the water stream and her nipples get so hard! Tilly gets more and more aroused. She pulls down her pants and breathlessly uses shampoo over her shirt, still massaging everywhere.

And oh boy, this girl must have been horny. She keeps masturbating in all kind of ways; also using her toy she always keeps in the shower for that reason … :-D

I guess, the Irish must be really lucky! :-)

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