Ripping the Jeans Outfit


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Ashley has something very special in mind today! Therefore she wears her favorite jeans, a white top, jeans blouse and high-heels.

In pleasant anticipation she turns on the water in the shower and starts to shower her nice red high-heels. She loves it, when her clothes get wet! Also her jeans get slowly wet and dark and she gently fondles over the wet spots.

Ashley, turned on from her wet clothes, takes scissors and cuts little holes in the front of her jeans. Then she tears them open with her hands! That turns her on even more! She cuts and tears and rips and soon the jeans are in shreds.

Her Ripping-Wetlook-Orgy continues under the shower and her jeans blouse gets soaking wet and her white top completely see-trough. On top of all Ashley also uses soap to make everything even more shiny and sheer …!

Then she cuts her blouse in several spots and tears them open with her hands. Every time you can hear the noise of the material when tearing! Ashleys Ripping-Frenzy also don’t stop at her white shirt. She cuts little holes in it and tears it open!

When her jeans blouse is only shreds, she takes it off. Now she destroys her white top and gets rid of it. Her jeans is so torn, it’s just a hot pants now. In total lust Ashley cuts the rest of her jeans and tears it from her now naked body.

With pleasure she soaps her whole body now and can’t wait to finally finish her lust for destruction with totally ruining her high-heels … (16:00 min)

Note: This video contains NO music and NO slow-motions – just pure water and ripping sounds!!!

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