Over Knee Boots & Leather Dress


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Isobel sits at the edge of the bath tub, half full with water. She wears a black leather dress and black leather over-knee boots and she is telling you exactly how to jerk off to this clip in the following minutes! :-)

First she slowly dips her leather boots in the water. “I can feel the water, creeping around my feet, filling in the leather …” she says. And all the while she is teasing you in the camera, promising if you can hold it back to the end of the video, she will show you something special in return … While teasing she slowly kneels down in the bathtub, drowning her over-knee boots and her leather dress to her waist.

Isobel turns the water on and let it flow over her boots and she is definitely enjoying herself all the while :-) She lays down in the bathtub, soaking the leather dress now in the water. And while the leather soaks up the water, it gets really heavy and shiny. After playing a bit in the water, Isobel unzips the top of the dress and shows her firm perky boobs.

Then she completely submerges in the water, wetting her long beautiful hair! Now everything is wet! And I mean EVERYTHING. All the wet leather makes also Isobel’s pussy wet! :-) And she starts getting really naughty! She also unzips the bottom of the dress a bit and starts massaging her wet pussy … And then she grabs a dildo. She licks it and sucks it and dreams of a real one to really fuck her … And all the time she keeps on with her jerk-off instructions … And in the end she is coming herself! :-)

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