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“ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME???” Michelle is raging! She hired a maid to clean her house. And while Michelle was gone for a bit, the maid choose to take a nap instead in her bed!

“You are supposed to be cleaning and NOT sleeping!” “I don’t think that your behavior is acceptable. I am calling the agency!” she yells at Sophia.

Sophia is devastated. She needs this job! “Please don’t” she begs. “Please don’t call the agency. I will do anything!” she pleads submissively.

Michelle shrugs her shoulders and turns away. Then she sighs and stops. “Anything?” she asks, more calmly now. “Yes, anything” Sophia assures her.

After considering this, Michelle sends Sophia to the bathroom. “The bathroom definitely needs cleaning, so why don’t you start now? But I will watch you!” Michelle commands.

Sophia hurries and gets to work. Michelle is right behind her, grabs the shower head and sprays the bathtub: “This is all dirty. Go and clean it up!” “Yes, ma’am”. While Sophia bends down to scrub the bathtub, Michelle takes the shower head and sprays water on Sophia’s light grey pants. “What?” Sophia shrieks surprised? “Try harder!” Michelle commands. But Michelle keeps doing it. Slowly spraying water on the light pants, so that it gets wet and dark. “I never noticed, you have a really nice ass.” she remarks mockingly and pinches it as well.

“Your clothes really look nice when they get wet” Michelle notices as well and so it begins …

After a while Sophia clothes are completely drenched and she is still scrubbing. “How do you like it to get wet?” Michelle asks. “I think it is a turn-on!” Sophia is surprised! “What do you mean?” she asks innocently. Michelle reminds Sophia, that she promised to do “anything” to keep the job. After playing around with Sophia for a bit longer and humiliating her, Michelle asks “How bad do you need this job?” and Sophia replies: “Very badly!” So the teasing continues and Sophia gets wetter and wetter.

But that’s not wet enough for Michelle. She wants Sophia to get wet EVERYWHERE! So, Michelle hands her a vibrator “This will help you to get wet everywhere.” She smirks. And she also forces the vibrator on Sophia. “You know what? I decide if you keep the job or not” Michelle says and hands the vibrator to Sophia. “If you do a really good show for me, I will tip you at the end and you can keep the job!” she offers …

So, enjoy the show! We don’t want to spoil the happy ending for you … :D


light grey pants, white shirt and sneakers …. Original sound, no music