Hot Shower


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Lottie can’t decide which outfit to wear for her shower. She is definitely sure about her Miss Sixty jeans. Matching to her beige pumps she wears a long sleeved beige top. Devotedly she showers her light colored jeans from bottom to top. The color change from light to dark is really fascinating! When getting wet her top experiences the same effect: turning slowly from sandy to brown … And to make everything even more shiny, Lottie uses lots of soap and rubs it with pleasure all over her wet clothes!

But also her new rosy top would match great to her shoes and sure looks great when wet. So Lottie changes her top and soon the new rosy one is soaking wet, too!

Then you can watch an amazingly sexy slow striptease – till Lottie wears only her high-heels! :-) (13:30 min)

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