Wet Pantyhose


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Veronika wears an elegant outfit with a black skirt, a grey/brown silk top and matching sheer blouse, sheer pantyhose and high-heels. She steps into the shower and starts browsing her sexy outfit from the bottom. First her feet in the pantyhose and the open-toed high-heels. The warm water feels real good. She moves further up her pantyhose and up to her skirt. When the water pours over the skirt it comes down in beautiful small cascades and makes the skirt glossy and shiny as well as the pantyhose.

The blouse gets completely see-through when Veronika slowly starts splashing water on it and her silk top gets an amazing gloss! The wet clothes starts clinging to her hot body. And Veronika indulges in the feeling of the warm shower and the sexy wet clothes on her body. She let the water pour completely over her head, her hair and her body and enjoys it …

And slowly she starts undressing her sexy wet clothes. The skirt first. Now we see her pantyhose completely and Veronika is not wearing a panty at all! And the pantyhose is all sheer and wet and tight. Now she uses plenty of soap on her silk top and blouse which makes her clothes even more shiny and bubbly and outstanding!

Then Veronika sits down in the shower and takes off her high-heels and her blouse. In the shiny silk top and pantyhose she massages her feet and browses them and her pantyhose thoroughly. She looks so sexy! :-) And finally she undresses completely …

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