Dripping Wet Latina 2


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Karen enjoyed her last passionate Wetlook adventure so much, she urges for more. And she is so ready to get hot and wet again … Today she is wearing a jeans, bright pink shirt and leather boots.

She can’t wait to fully soak her jeans and boots in the shower and slowly moves on to her top. The top actually changes from bright pink to deep red when getting wet. And it gets even so sheer, so that you can see Karens nipples getting hard. The wet warm clothes on her skin feel so damn good!

What feels even better than this, is the water from the shower head massaging her pussy. Karen opens her jeans and shoves the shower head deep into her pants … She starts moaning. This feels so good!

Karen pulls down her jeans further, eager to indulge in the massaging of the shower. Hhhhm, this is exactly what she needed! She enjoys it so much!

Masturbating like this in her wet clothes in the shower, is really good. But she needs a bit more. After a while, she also uses her vibrator, simultaneously with the shower. Wow, this is even better. Her moaning gets loader and her breath shorter …

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