Ripping the Clothes


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Wetlook & Ripping. That’s what Lottie needs today. She wears jeans, a long-sleeved shirt and socks.

She turns the shower on and water runs all over her clothes. The jeans is already a bit torn. She grabs the cracks and tears them open! The material groans when tearing. This way she enlarges the already torn spots while at the same time the jeans gets soaking wet.

Then she turns her attention to her shirt. She cuts little holes in it and tears it open, too! But always just a bit. The result looks really stylish! The water already made the top shiny and see-through and the little holes make it look like an artwork now!

While the shower is on, Lotties Ripping-Frenzy also doesn’t stop at her white socks. She tears and rips them from her feet!

The grand finale happens for Lottie then in the Jacuzzi tub. Only shreds of her shirt covers now her sexy naked body
(11:45 min)

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