Lesbian Wetlook Love


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Jana and Lizzie enjoy an exciting date at the pool. Both girls look so gorgeous!

They come closer and caress each other. Jana gently fondles Lizzie’s sexy outlines in her tight sport outfit. That’s so hot! How convenient, that they met at the pool! Jana and Lizzie slowly and with pleasure spray water on each other’s tops. These get wet and shiny and nearly like a second skin.

Soon they are half standing in the water and Jana’s Jeans and Jeans Jacket get more and more wet and dark. Both girls are caressing each other and obviously enjoying themselves!

To cool down a bit they go swimming and diving until they are both really soaking wet! Back to the edge of the pool they dedicate themselves to intensify their wet experience and live it to the fullest!

In order to feel the water and themselves even better, Lizzie half takes off Jana’s Jeans und pulls up her own top. Both girls wear no lingerie that could stand between them and her full wet lust … (19:10 min)

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