Wet white pants & stockings


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Ashley is so damn hot today, there is time for a cool-down … ;-)

With a thrill of anticipation she turns on the shower and her beautiful white Miss Sixty pants already got some splashes of water. Then she is more carefully when browsing her pants from the bottoms upwards in order to fully enjoy it. The wetter the pants get, the more you can see the sexy black stockings shining through. To intensify the shiny see-through effect, she uses lots of soap on her pants and delightfully watches how they get glittery and glossy …

Ashley gets more and more excited and truly enjoys the feeling of the wet, warm and tight clothes on her naked skin. She sits down and showers now her white shirt with the blue mesh top. And through her wet white pants you can wonderfully see that her slip has the same blue color …

She continues sensually to soap her only in nylons dressed feet. She loves the shine and sparkling foam. And what wonderful contours the water shows us through her wet and shiny clothes.

Then Ashley slowly takes off her pants. She is excited and loves it! Now she can fully enjoy getting her sexy black stockings wet. Soon she also takes off her blue mesh top tough the water was flowing down steplike in funny small waterfalls …

Her wet white shirt is now a sheer and lucent breeze of nothing. Ashley gets more and more excited and dances herself into a fiery hot and wet strip tease and ecstatically enjoys her cool down to the fullest …!!! (15:00 min)

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