Hot & Muddy Army Girl


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Just like today: she discovers a new area where she never was before. Still thinking about her favorite movie, she suddenly steps into this incredible soft mud. Her army-like boots sinks up to the ankles into the mud.

Jana is curious. She stops, picks up some mud with her hands and feels it, tastes it. The mud is warm, soft, odorless and somehow very fascinating. She kneels down and slowly rubs some mud on her arms. Wow! That feels good! She always wanted to play in mud like this!

While rubbing it on her skin and clothes, she is caressing her whole body with this incredible substance. And it really turns her on! Playfully and lustful she is rolling around in the creamy mud until also her hair is real muddy.  She is so turned on and  keeps touching herself with this soft warm mud all over her body, she finally can’t hold back any longer … (12:15 min)

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