Lesbian Love in Rainwear


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Lenka and Michaela are enjoying a hot and humid summer afternoon in their new rainwear outfits. It rained a lot during the last weeks and now it’s muddy everywhere. The girls have so much fun jumping through the big puddles and enjoying the warmth of the sun. They come to a big mud hole and Lenka pushes Michaela into the soft mud. Soon Michaela’s fancy turquoise rubber boots are sunk into the mud. Matching to the boots Michaela wears a blue transparent PVC rain cape on her naked skin. She feels the mud sinking slowly into her boots and pulls the sweet Lenka into the mud, too. Lenka wears a combination of a yellow raincoat, hat and yellow rubber boots with high white socks.

The mud is viscous, gluey and deep and soon both girls can hardly move. But they still have fun and throw and smear mud on each other. While trying to help each other out of the mud, they come closer together. Well, the warm and soft mud doesn&#39t feel too bad on the skin. They really enjoy to play around in the mud and smear it pleasurably on the raincoats and on their naked skin. Now they are thrilled and rub the mud softly into their hair, faces and on their naked breasts. Turned on like that the girls start ‘dirty’ love in mud … (15:40 min)

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