Mud Orgasm: Swimsuit & Naked


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Jana love sports. That’s so relieving and afterwards she is often exhausted, but always craving for sex. She likes to run and often takes another route to see something new. On this hot summer day she has already run for a while (her bathing suit and sneakers) and is quite done. There she finds this big mud hole. Following a sudden intuition she jumps into it.

The mud is soft and warm, but very deep. Soon the mud is nearly waist-deep and Jana can hardly move. This is a complete new experience and sporting challenge for her. She fights to get out again. During the fight she get completely covered in mud, also her hair and face. The mud is viscous and gluey and she is crawling on all fours. She lays down and is completely exhausted. Jana doesn’t want to get up again. The mud is comforting. Jana is assailed by lust and desire and surrenders … (11:30 min)

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