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Secretary’s Wet Delight


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Jana had a long hardworking day as secretary. Now she can hardly await to relax and take off her working clothes, containing of a classic black pencil skirt and a red satin blouse. In pleasant anticipation she steps down into the pool. The cool and soft water floats slowly up her legs in the black stockings and soaks into the classy red patent leather high-heels. She takes a deep breath and sighs with pleasure. It feels so good!

Now you can watch the most exciting UNDERWATER striptease ever! Jana caresses her whole body and at this she slowly takes off piece by piece her secretary outfit. That turns her on and she lets her mind wander back to her new nice colleague. She thinks about all the fun they both could have together now in the water and that drives her crazy. Finally she only wears her red blouse and high heels and lets her imagination runs wild …!!!(15:30 min)

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